Welcome To Club VST!

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I've created ClubVST to provide a source for discussion, education, and shop talk for the computer recording community.
Of special interest to me is the Software Plug-in "Nebula" by Acustica Audio (

I have designed a special series of vst effect programs especially for the Nebula Plug-in. These are divided into libraries.

The ClubVST forum is the heart of this site. I want it to be a friendly and helpful environment where the beginning recording enthusiast can learn and feel free to ask questions, the intermediate professional and hobbyist can be informative and also grow in knowledge and ability, and the seasoned professional can help be a guide to both.

Thank you for visiting! Feel free to join the community. The rules are pretty simple:

Be courteous to others,
don't be mean,
don't use foul language, and
don't send links to anywhere with 'cracks' or stolen software.

Thanks and Enjoy!
Michael Angel
Angel Lofte Studio